We are presenting you the latest Yochimu JAPANESE ROSE cosmetic line based on the Asian skin care philosophy. The cosmetics formula has been developed with the use of natural ingredients certified by Ecocert: Certified Plant Actives! and Cosmos.
The creams include natural sun protection factor SPF and natural preservatives!
The line’s main ingredient is Japanese rose (Camellia Japonica) that comes from JEJU – the cleanest island in South Korea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The plant has strong antioxidant, moisturising and collagen production stimulation properties. These cosmetics contain natural plant oils, including: Kendi oil, Tsubaki oil, baobab oil and a seven-herb extract.
Skincare products have been enriched with an innovative ingredient which received the InCosmetics 2018 Award: Himanthalia Elongata oil extract, called the “marine bamboo”. Thanks to a high content of fucosterols and fitocarotenoids, this ingredient helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of omnipresent blue light (LED) and infra-red light.
The idea behind the new cosmetic line, whose formula is based solely on natural, ECO-certified materials, is to create a protective barrier for our skin by providing it with deficient elements.


Light face skin care cream, for face skin that needs intensive and long lasting moisturizing and is prone to losing its elasticity and resilience.
ACTION: a uniquely rich formula of active ingredients. Innovative HYDRANOV™ boosting the moisture level in deeper epidermis layers and acting better than hyaluronic acid. Centella Asiatica – an extract from Asiatic pennywort, stimulates skin to produce collagen and elastin, flattening out wrinkles. Natural avocado and coconut oils as well as vitamin E for skin regeneration leaving it supple, elastic and smooth. Vitamin C, irreplaceable antioxidant, fights free radicals, delaying skin aging process. Sunscreens protect the skin against harmful UV rays.
Centella Asiatica extract – an extract from Asiatic pennywort, the asiaticoside and other glycosides contained in the extract stimulate the synthesis of collagen as well as elastin and what is more feature anti-wrinkle and moisturizing properties.

HYDRANOV™ – a natural material derived from red algae which activate epidermal hyaluronic acid. The IN-VIVO tests have proven faster and more effective action of HYDRANOV™ in skin moisturizing comparing to hyaluronic acid itself; hydration after a single application as well as after two weeks of use is 3 times.