The wealth of natural oil extracts that serum contains makes it work like a soothing compress which guarantees that the skin looks healthy again. It also reduces discomfort connected with the feeling of dry and damaged epidermis.
The mixture of fatty acids of different sizes that baobab oil contains ensures multi-directional effects on many layers of the epidermis. Saturated fatty acids have protecting and softening properties, they make wounds heal faster and they protect the skin against transepidermal water loss. OMEGA 6 acids accelerate cell renewal and regulate the sebaceous gland activity. OMEGA 9 acids demonstrate harmony with sebum and supplement the lipid layer of the epidermis. Baobab oil is also a rich source of A, E, D and F vitamins as well as OMEGA 3 acids which have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
With its rich formula, the certified active plant oil extract, LIFT Oléoactif®, improves the collagen network of the skin, reducing wrinkles and age lines. Moreover, it has antiseptic and regenerative properties, protecting the skin from sun rays and slowing down the photoaging processes

INGREDIENTS: baobab oil and certified active plant oil extract, LIFT Oléoactif®