The serum formula is based mainly on Tsubaki oil which is made from the seeds of the Japanese Rose (Camellia Japonica). This oil is characterised by a very high content of OMEGA-9 oleic acid. This makes it one of the light oils which are very quickly absorbed by the skin without making the skin oily and sticky.
Tsubaki oil has an influence on the production of type-I collagen and inhibits MMP-1 enzyme, which causes collagen decomposition within the skin, and proves strong anti-wrinkle properties, enhancing the skin’s firmness and elasticity at the same time. Thanks to a high content of fitosterols and the ability to reduce transepidermal water loss, Tsubaki oil has strong moisturising, healing and regenerating properties.
Additionally, the serum has been enriched with an innovative Himanthalia Elongata oil extract as well as an marine bamboo oil extract which prevent collagen fragmentation and maintain fibroblasts’ potential to produce new collagen. At the same time, thanks to a high content of fucosterols and fitocarotenoids, it helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of omnipresent blue light (LED) and infra-red light.

INGREDIENTS: Japanese rose seed, Camellia Japonica and ocean bamboos, Himanthalia Elongata